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Becker Avionics Develops Key Updates to the AMU 6500 Audio Panel

Becker Avionics is proud to announce several pending additional capabilities for its next- generation digital intercom system, the AMU 6500. The AMU 6500 is offered in parallel with Becker’s current industry-leading intercom system the DVCS 6100.

The AMU 6500 offers several new features such as 3d audio and Bluetooth compatibility. But this was only the beginning of the product plan for the AMU6500.

The AMU 6500’s native Bluetooth capabilities include integrating any of today’s advanced tactical handsets, cell phones, or MP3 players onto a switched position on the AMU6500’s control panel. These capabilities will be expanded to include a Bluetooth-capable headset. This function will allow non-flight deck crewmembers to operate in the back of the aircraft without a communications cord.

Becker Avionics’ Recent enhancements to its DVCS 6100 and AMU 6500 digital intercom systems allow the two systems to be utilized together in a hybrid system.

As an example, pairing the two systems into one aircraft would allow DVCS 6100 controls in the cockpit for the pilots. The pilots would then have the advantage of the DVCS 6100 unsurpassed Human Machine Interface (HMI). The DVCS 6100S initial design HMI specification included the ability of a single pilot at night with a gloved hand to operate this system with the least amount of distraction.

The passengers utilizing the AMU 6500 control heads could connect via the 6500s Bluetooth function to their favorite music source and enjoy stereo sound. Passengers could also have access to satellite communications on a two-way line, operating as if it was a normal phone conversation.

Each position can select either push-to-talk or voice activation for internal aircraft communication. Additionally, in the future, the rear cabin crew could take advantage of the new wireless headset function.

Another recent expansion of the AMU 6500 Digital intercom is the addition of the ARU 6510. The 6510 allows for the current AMU 6500 to be expanded from its current 3 intercom positions with a total of 12 transceivers to 15 intercom positions with a total of 12 transceivers.

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