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Helicopters Otago NZ has purchased a H45 FNPT II MCC simulator to Entrol

Based on the H145 D3, this simulator will be installed at its Mosgiel base in early 2024, with which the entire Otago Helicopters team can train.

It will have the complete Entrol technology package, including the 200ºx70º FOV spherical visual, the debriefing station to review the exercises, the entrol vibration system, and mission scenarios.

The Entrol H45 features a replica of the integrated Helionix© avionics. It perfectly simulates the experience of flying an H145, including the 4-axis autopilot system, which increases flight safety and reduces pilot workload.

With this new simulator, Entrol remains firm in its commitment to technological advances in the sector and reaffirms its desire to meet the needs of its customers.

This will be the first Entrol device installed in New Zealand, adding this country to the long list of Entrol’s customers worldwide.

Claudia Calleja, Business Manager in Entrol Simulators – “We are happy that Helicopters Otago trusted Entrol for this project. With this simulator, we mark our first one in New Zealand, which is a huge achievement for us. We hope to establish a long-lasting bond with Helicopters Otago, fostering strong ties between our organizations for years to come.”

Graeme Gale, CEO and Founder of Helicopters Otago, states, “We believe a clear communication process is very important for business. Entrol has been very approachable and clear. I am confident this simulator will enhance the safety of our training and will keep our pilots up to date with the complexity of the H145 and the ability to fly all the different IFR/PBN procedures. This simulator feels like a real aircraft, very similar to the H145 D3. It’s fantastic!”

Andrew McKay, who is in charge of Flight Standards Licensing for the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, states, “This simulator is easily in the top 10% I have tested”.

About Helicopters Otago:

HeliOtago is a family-owned company based in Mosgiel with over 30 years of experience.

Since 1990, they have been operating in the Otago and Southland regions of New Zealand.

They also operate the Air Ambulance and Rescue Helicopter for the lower South Island since 1998, equipped with state-of-the-art search and rescue technology.

About Entrol:

Since 2005, Entrol develops and manufactures helicopter and fixed-wing FNPT and FTD simulators, for flight schools, airlines and operators, in order to improve pilot training, increase security on aircraft operations and reduce operational costs.

Entrol simulators are covered by a comprehensive after-sales services and designed according to CS-FSTD and FAA FTD directives.

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