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First Loft Dynamics H125 Simulator in Italy on Sicily at Helixcom

Caltanissetta and Zurich, Switzerland, July 05, 2023 – Loft Dynamics AG (formerly VRM Switzerland), creator and operator of the world's first and only virtual reality (VR) simulators qualified by a major aviation regulator, today announced the sale of a VR Airbus H125 training device to Multicom based in Sicily, Italy. Helixcom – a subsidiary of Multicom - will use the simulator to establish a training and competence center for helicopter pilots. This is Loft Dynamics' first simulator in Italy, demonstrating the region's independent demand for such realistic training devices.

No place is too remote

Helixcom will install and operate a Loft Dynamics H125 training device at their home base south of Caltanissetta, in the heart of Sicily, Italy. This showcases the versatility of the devices, as they can be efficiently operated in even the most remote locations. Pilots will no longer have to spend valuable time traveling to distant simulator centers. Having an on-site simulator also enables flexible scheduling of training sessions and checks, irrespective of weather conditions. An exemplary case is Air Greenland, which has already successfully integrated the Loft Dynamics training device into their operations in Nuuk, Greenland.

Establishing a training and competence center

Helixcom currently operates five Airbus H125 Helicopters at their own airfield south of Caltanissetta, with three of them owned by their parent company, Multicom. By acquiring a Loft Dynamics simulator, Helixcom aims to establish a comprehensive training and competence center for helicopter pilots. This center will provide pilots with realistic training experiences, leveraging the numerous advantages of simulator training, including the execution of abnormal procedures and the ability to handle demanding scenarios through scenario-based exercises. "Multicom will install a simulator at its aviation technical centre in Sicily, which complements existing authorized training organizations (ATOs), aircraft operators, and training centers. Safety is fundamental to any transport system, and it is our top priority. Helicopters are widely used in Europe, particularly in services such as HEMS (helicopter emergency medical service), surveillance, police operations, aerial work, and agriculture. Statistics show that progress in reducing helicopter fatalities in the EU has remained virtually unchanged in recent years. This is where simulators come in—they have proven to enable pilots to gain experience efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Simulators allow future pilots to practice various training scenarios and operational procedures tailored to their specific field of activity which has a positive impact on flight safety," says Gianluca Mannino Gueli, owner of Multicom. The simulator installed at Multicom in Sicily is the first of its kind in Italy. "We are pleased that pilots in Italy now also have access to realistic state-of-the-art simulator training. This could be a sign that our training device will soon become established in other regions as well," said Fabi Riesen, CEO of Loft Dynamics.

About Helixcom

Helixcom was established through a partnership with companies from the telecommunications sector. The company has 25 years of experience in the aviation field and offers helicopter transport services and aerial work throughout Italy. By investing in the best technologies, Helixcom strives daily to enhance the already high-quality standards.



About Loft Dynamics

Loft Dynamics AG (formerly VRM Switzerland) is a market-leading company specializing in VR training devices for helicopter pilots. Founded in 2016, our mission is to revolutionize global aviation with cutting-edge VR flight simulators. Equipped with a 3D high-resolution panoramic view, dynamic six-degrees-of-motion platform, and full-scale replica cockpit with a unique pose tracking system, our simulators provide an immersive, realistic, customizable, and risk-free training experience. By offering a training solution 10 times smaller and 20 times less expensive than traditional simulators, we enhance training accessibility and scalability, empowering highly skilled pilots to meet global demand. As the world's first and only qualified VR flight simulation training device (FSTD), achieving FTD Level 3 qualification from EASA, we serve leading manufacturers, airlines, operators, schools, and organizations worldwide. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, our team comprises passionate engineers, developers, and aviation experts.


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