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PHI MRO Services Enters Certified Installer Partnership with GPMS

Pictured from left to right: Tom Neumann, President of PHI MRO Services; John Byus, Director of Sales at GPMS; and Joshua Perkins, Director of Maintenance Part 145

LAFAYETTE, La. (June 14, 2023) – PHI MRO Services, a leader in maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, is excited to announce its partnership with GPMS International, Inc. as a Certified Installer of Foresight MX—the industry’s leading predictive Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) platform. With this partnership, PHI MRO Services will install the Foresight MX HUMS system on helicopters globally.

“This partnership is one that I believe is beneficial for both PHI MRO Services and GPMS. Most importantly, being a Certified Installer allows us all to better serve our customers,” said Tom Neumann, President of PHI MRO Services. “We look forward to being able to offer installation and support to operators around the world.”

John Byus, Director of Sales at GPMS, also shared his views on the partnership: "PHI has long been known as a leader in the advancement of helicopter HUMS operations. With PHI MRO Services, we have a world-recognized partner who not only knows how to best implement HUMS practices but now has the capability of bringing our next-generation Foresight MX HUMS solution directly to operators. We’re proud to have their trust and their decision to partner with us.”

PHI MRO Services will offer installation services to customers at its MRO facility in Lafayette, La., or at its customers’ facilities.

“The PHI MRO Services technical team is extremely excited about this partnership. We are true believers in HUMS and what GPMS has to offer the industry,” stated Joshua Perkins, Director of Maintenance Part 145. “Our technicians take great pride in their commitment to performing safe, efficient and quality helicopter maintenance for all our customers.”

Visit www.phihelico.com/mro for more information about the services PHI offers.

About PHI MRO Services

From routine maintenance and inspections to complex modifications, PHI MRO Services offers a comprehensive suite of MRO services and capabilities to meet customer needs. PHI’s skilled team of experienced engineers, mechanics, and maintenance technicians have the training and certification to service a wide variety of helicopter models and engine types.

Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, PHI’s state-of-the-art maintenance and repair facility is recognized as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified Repair Station with DAR/DER authorization and has service center certification from major OEMs. Having a full-service MRO facility and a network of resources strategically positioned worldwide allows PHI to swiftly meet the requirements of multiple international regulators to support customer operations globally.

About GPMS

GPMS’s Foresight MX offers a next-generation, predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System that goes beyond HUMS. Foresight MX is designed to give equipment operators the power to “Know it before it matters” providing Machine Condition Monitoring, optimized Rotor Track and Balance, and Fleet Data with Exceedance Monitoring in one powerful system. Fully predictive, Foresight MX offers insights needed to optimize maintenance, safety, and operations. GPMS has re-engineered the HUMS category to put its advantages within reach of every operator, making all platforms smarter and more connected.

To learn why today’s fleets depend on Foresight MX, visit www.gpms-vt.com and you can follow us on LinkedIn.

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