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New FAA Safety Briefing: Possible Assistance Needed: Preventing Pan-Pan Problems

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Possible Assistance Needed: Preventing Pan-Pan Problems

The March/April 2023 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine explores a few urgent aeronautical situations pilots may find themselves in, and which may require the use of the lesser-known, but equally important distress call — pan-pan.

We look at some common exhaust system issues, how to handle wildlife and laser strikes, as well as how to recognize the onset of hypoxia and ensure safety during higher altitude operations.

Feature Articles

Difficult and Exhausting - How a "Simple" Thing Like an Exhaust System Can Create Deadly Difficulties

No Air Up There - Hypoxia Awareness

Blinded by the Light - A Look at Cockpit Laser Illumination Events

Going to the Birds to Prevent Hazardous Strikes - Using UV Lights to Drive Away Danger

When Pan-Pan Becomes Mayday - Search and Rescue in the 21st Century

Hitting Home Runs with First Responder Training Courses - FAA Training Helps First Responders Safely Assess an Aviation Accident Site

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