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BAS Part Sales acquires White Industries

Aircraft supply store BAS Part Sales announced the purchase of White Industries this month. White Industries was founded about 70 years ago and is recognized as the oldest competitor in the business. As such, it is recognized for leading the way in the salvage/used airplane parts industry. The current owner of White Industries purchased the company for its land, (renaming it ‘Unusual Attitudes') and BAS Part Sales is making the acquisition primarily for its inventory and employees. "At BAS Part Sales, we are excited about the acquisition, and we know our customers will be thrilled with the sheer extent of the inventory we'll have to offer," President Jared Boles said. "We're also thrilled to welcome White Industries' employees to our team, who will no doubt enjoy being part of our intensely customer-focused culture. We're proud of our exceptional customer service, which goes unrivaled in our industry." Aside from the large number of airplane parts and fuselages, BAS Part Sales will gain four employees with over 80 years of aviation experience, a second location in Bates City, Missouri, 90,000 square feet of warehouse space and 178 acres of yard for outdoor airplane and fuselage storage. The company currently has 26 employees, 48,000 sq ft of hangar, and about 10 acres of yard. The recent acquisition will also give BAS Part Sales access to the business jet business. "Currently we are limited to general aviation, which is defined as piston-driven engines with propellers," Boles said. "By acquiring White Industries, we gain access to jet engine aircraft parts and fuselages, and that is a huge step up for us. By expanding our inventory and expertise for piston engine aircraft parts for brands such as Cessna, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Mooney, and Piper, as well as expanding into jet engine aircraft parts for brands such as Learjet, Hawker, Mitsubishi, JetStar, Merlin, Beechjet, and Jetstream, we are putting even more distance between us and our competitors." The company ships parts of all shapes and sizes worldwide and offers an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee, while most competitors offer none or a limited 30-day window. The more than 500 5-star Google ratings can attest to the company's reputation.
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