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APP Jet Center offers unleaded avgas at Bay Area-airport

Photo courtesy of Jamie WestAPP Jet Center announced that its FBO at San Francisio-based Hayward Executive Airport (HWD) has expanded fuel offerings, now including a new unleaded aviation gas. The new avgas, UL94, is safer for the environment and the APP Jet Center is the only FBO at HWD to provide the new alternative fuel. APP will continue offering low-leaded avgas 100LL as well. "With the current excitement over unleaded avgas, we are very pleased to offer aviators a more environmentally friendly option for fueling their aircraft, furthering our commitment to leading aviation down the greenest path available," APP Jet Center CEO Dan Harrow said.RELATED STORY:Swift Fuels Expands UL94 Unleaded Avgas Distribution UL94 does not contain tetraethyllead, a leaded fuel additive, unlike commonly used aviation fuel. In February 2022, the FAA announced a new initiative to eliminate the use of leaded gas for piston aircraft by 2030. There has been a push to completely ban the leaded gas, with some lawmakers introducing bills to eliminate the use of avgas in their region. Many leaders in general aviation have stepped forward to push for a safer transition rather than outright elimination. APP is now offering both the new unleaded fuel as well as the traditional avgas for customers. Customers can now have both options when refueling with APP, saving the environment and ensuring that all customers are equally taken care of safely and providing fuel for all aircraft needs.Swiftfuelsavgas explanation on UL94 Unleaded Avgas "We're proud to offer a greener alternative for our customers and to keep pace with industry efforts to protect the environment," GM of APP Jet Center Hayward Tom Panico said. "APP is committed to making aviation safer." As the industry moves toward carbon neutrality, sustainable efforts are increasing. The GA world is working continuously on the transition to unleaded fuel, which needs to be done carefully to ensure the safety of pilots, passengers and those working in the industry or around fuel. Some airports and cities have banned the fuel completely, without providing a safe or usable alternative.RELATED STORIES:Bill eliminating leaded avgas will cause 'severe economic impacts and safety risks,' EAA letter saysSanta Monica Airport transitions to unleaded fuelAOPA files FAA complaint against Santa Clara County's 100LL fuel ban The EAA and other GA organizations have been outspoken that the outright ban before a safe and tested alternative can be more harmful than good. UL94 is one of the new alternative fuels on the market that is being transitioned out to FBOs for use. Another airport in California transitioned to unleaded fuel, with the Santa Monica Airport making the change in 2022. APP's new offering is not only more environmentally friendly but the introduction is making for a safer transition for all parties.
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