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Nearing your ATP minimums? Check out three career pilot jobs you might be interested in

Are you getting close to your ATP minimums? 1500hrs, 1250hrs, 100hrs, or 750hrs? Depending on how quickly you are accumulating your hours, it may feel like the next step is right around the corner. Have you thought about what your next career pilot job is? There are several options out there for every type of pilot's needs and desires. Here are three types of career pilot jobs you might be interested in. PART 121 The Airlines. This option is probably the most sought-after. This lifestyle consists of scheduled flights, walking through airport terminals in uniform and free flight benefits on your airline of hire. Some cons to airline flying are an inconsistent lifestyle, being away from family and friends and not being home during holidays. The airlines are in desperate need of pilots, especially after the forced early retirement and furlough of thousands of pilots due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The airlines didn't expect air travel to return to normal as quickly as it did which resulted in rapid growth and demand. Due to these large demands, there has been a large increase in sign-on bonuses, first officer and captain pay and upgrade times. PART 135 Companies like NetJets, WheelsUp, JSX, are all examples of 135 operations. These companies have a more private feel. Unlike part 121 operations, they are more on-demand services and not scheduled. The life of a 135 pilot is also little more private. They are not pilots walking around terminals with uniforms. They typically fly into general aviation terminals and may only be required to wear polos and khakis. They may also be more involved in the planning/ loading/unloading of the aircraft. More attentive to the direct needs and requests of the passengers and flight at hand. The cool thing about 135 operations is the airports they can land at are a little less restrictive than 121. The very least restrictive is Part 91 operations. Because the demand for airline pilots has increased so greatly over the past few years, the pay and sign-on bonuses have also increased significantly, and the need and demand for part 135 pilots have also increased. The pay may not be as lucrative, but you are also receiving a different type of lifestyle. PART 91 PC-12 pilot jobs, JS Firms Challenger 601 and Talon Air Hawker 4000 are all companies hiring under the Part 91 ruling. Once again, since the increase in airline pay and pilot shortages, pilots have been leaving Part 135 and 91 jobs for a more lucrative lifestyle. The corporate aviation world is quite a bit different than the scheduled 121 operations. Although aviation in general is a very small community, it seems as if the business aviation community is even more "tight-knit". Corporate aviation carries a completely different type of clientele to and from a broader range of airports and locations. In corporate aviation, you can expect high-end business CEOs and even celebrities. You can also expect a different level of cleanliness inside and outside of the aircraft, as well as managing luggage and flight preparation. The question is… what do you want out of Aviation? What kind of flying is your dream? This article did not include other areas such as cargo, military, career instruction, test pilots and autonomous piloting There are some pilots that I've met that have experienced a little bit of just about every single type of flying cargo, passenger, business, etc… Whichever one you choose, know that by you exploring one route, it may lead you to another.
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