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The Helicopter Company and Jet Company to Benefit from Long-Term Engine Maintenance Program with Pratt & Whitney Canada for 21 AW139 Helicopters

ATLANTA, March 8, 2023 Pratt & Whitney Canada, a business unit of Pratt & Whitney, today announced that The Helicopter Company and Jet Company (THC), headquartered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, and the country's first and only commercial helicopter operator, has signed a Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™) for the 42 engines that power its fleet of 21 AW139 Helicopters from Leonardo. 

“We are extremely pleased to build on the outstanding collaboration with THC and to support the development of the helicopter industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Irene Makris, vice president, Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “The maintenance program which is designed around THC’s operational environment and tailored to their mission-specific engine maintenance needs, will help them to maximize the value of their engine assets and enhance time-on-wing performance.”

P&WC’s FMP™ is a flexible, high-value engine maintenance solution that helps lock in lower operating costs and simplifies fleet operations management. Tailored to suit the unique requirements of fleet operators and airlines, the FMP™ allows customers to focus on their core business and eliminates the overhead challenges of operating a maintenance facility. Under this program, a skilled Pratt & Whitney-appointed team manages fleet operations delivering maximum return on investment, customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

“We offer best in class multi-mission helicopter services, so aircraft availability is a top priority for our operations and our customers,” said Captain Arnaud Martinez, Chief Executive Officer of The Helicopter Company. “THC is committed to ensuring optimal helicopter maintenance coverage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are pleased by this agreement that allows us to focus on our operations and the customer experience while Pratt & Whitney Canada manages all aspects of engine maintenance, scheduling, and logistics.”

“We know our engines better than anyone. Our engine fleet has reached one billion flight hours across Pratt & Whitney Canada’s diverse portfolio and that helps us to design FMP™ agreements that are highly tailored and optimized for our customers,” said Makris. “With the planned maintenance environment that the FMP™ provides, the emphasis is on helping customers to maximize their profitability and efficiency and ensuring aircraft are ready to fly whenever and wherever they are needed.”

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Pratt & Whitney is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft and helicopter engines, and auxiliary power units. To learn more, visit www.prattwhitney.com. To receive press releases and other news directly, please sign up here.

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