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Robinson Helicopter Company Celebrates 50 Years

Torrance, CA  — June 2023 marks 50 years in business for Robinson Helicopter Company. Founded by Frank Robinson on 20 June 1973, Robinson's goal was to design and manufacture simple, reliable helicopters, as efficiently as possible, without compromising quality. Robinson's 50-year milestone represents more than the passing of time, it is affirmation of the company's success.
Robinson’s simple 2-place R22 (FAA certified in 1979) marked the beginning of a new generation of helicopters. The simple affordable helicopter made flight training and private helicopter ownership possible. The industry responded enthusiastically and by 1988, the R22 became the world’s top-selling civilian helicopter.
In the ‘90s, after the R22’s remarkable success, and realizing the potential for a light mid-size helicopter, Robinson introduced the 4-place R44. Orders for the R44 quickly piled-up and the company became a recognized player in the aviation industry. In 2010, Robinson once again expanded its line with the 5-place, turbine powered R66. While the R44 maintains its status as the world’s top selling civilian helicopter since 1998, it is Robinson’s 5-place, turbine powered R66 that is the company’s star. The R66 was designed using the same template as the R22 and R44 but offers increased capacity, improved high-altitude performance and runs on readily available jet fuel. In 2021, sales of the R66 surpassed those of the popular R44 Raven II.
Robinson’s steadfast commitment to simplicity, reliability and affordability has paid-off.  With a fleet of 13000+ helicopters operating worldwide, Robinson Helicopter Company has proven itself to be a leader in the helicopter industry.   
Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters. For additional information, visit www.robinsonheli.com.


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