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AeroBrigham Acquires SKYDISPLAY from MYGOFLIGHT

February 27, 2023 - Decatur, Texas - North Texas aviation support provider AeroBrigham has announced the acquisition of the advanced display systems division SKYDISPLAY of MYGOFLIGHT based in Denver, Colorado. The new company will be known as AeroDisplay and will feature advanced heads-up display (HUD) configurations for both airplanes and helicopters. Manufacturing as well as developmental efforts and support will remain in the Denver area. The company plans to offer helicopter Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) under FAR Part 27 along with the existing approvals of FAR Part 23 AML (Approved Model List) fixed wing STCs. Engine, external load values and other critical information will also be presented on the AeroDisplay HUD system for helicopter, utility or firefighting mission profiles.

Using critical flight information from primary flight instruments displayed on the HUD, AeroDisplay technology can reduce pilot workload, improve safety and mission efficiencies all while allowing the pilot to focus outside the aircraft. In addition to aircraft systems information, the Enhanced Vision System capability will also integrate the Astronics Max-Vis Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) thermal imaging into the HUD allowing for safer day and night operations and allow the pilot to see through smoke, light rain and fog. The AeroDisplay system can be integrated with any thermal imaging system making it perfect for firefighting, law enforcement and search and rescue applications.

Utilizing new technology and a smaller overall display, AeroDisplay can now provide HUD capability in aircraft that previously would not accept this technology due to cockpit configuration or size restrictions between the windshield structure and the instrument panel. The overall system weight for most applications is a mere four pounds. “Our goal is the continue the development of this game-changing safety enhancement, and continue the legacy of our friend Charlie Schneider,” said David Brigham, co-owner of AeroBrigham and AeroDisplay with his brother Danny Brigham. 

AeroBrigham is a comprehensive fixed and rotary-wing maintenance, overhaul, completion and support provider based at the Decatur Municipal Airport (KLUD), just northwest of the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport (KDFW). Additional information regarding AeroBrigham or AeroDisplay can be found at www.aerobrigham.com

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