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PHI Launches Educational Series Starting with Corrosion Control Seminar at Heli-Expo

PHI MRO Services, a division of PHI and leader in maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, has announced a special Corrosion Control Seminar to be held on Wednesday, March 7, at the 2023 Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo.

The seminar will take place in the Georgia World Congress Center, B314 Learning Room from 11:45 am – 12:45 pm and will provide attendees with the information needed to identify, treat and prevent corrosion. Tom Neumann, President of PHI MRO Services; Simon Williams; and members of the PHI MRO Services technical team will host the seminar.

With experience dating back to the beginning of commercial rotary-wing flight, PHI has extensive knowledge and expertise in preventing corrosion to keep helicopters flying safely even in the most challenging conditions.

“PHI has nearly 75 years of experience working offshore and in other harsh environments,” said Neumann. “We understand the importance of safety and how quickly corrosion can cause damage to helicopters. Our goal is to leverage that experience and help operators identify, prevent and treat corrosion to keep their helicopters flying safely for longer.”

The Corrosion Control Seminar at HAI Heli-Expo 2023 will mark the first of a series of educational seminars hosted by the PHI MRO Services team. The remaining educational seminars will focus on a variety of subjects throughout the year, including safety, maintenance operations and expanding corrosion control beyond the initial seminar.

Director Part 145 Maintenance Joshua Perkins stated, “Corrosion is one the greatest threats to helicopters, and operators can take specific actions to prevent costly repairs. These seminars are designed to help operators and maintenance professionals keep aircraft flying and reduce costly downtime.”

To sign up for the Corrosion Control Seminar at HAI Heli-Expo 2023, visit marketing.phihelico.com/corrosion-seminar.

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