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AeroLEDs Announces: New Sunspot 36-4000 Series 75W Landing Light | Highest Candela In The Industry

Trusted since 2007, the AeroLEDs SunSpot Series LED landing and taxi lights offer unprecedented performance but consume minimal power. Already available in  a  45W  and  100W  option,  the NEW SUNSPOT 36-4000 Series 75W LEDs offer the same trusted reliability but top the charts with the HIGHEST CANDELA IN THE INDUSTRY for a PAR36 LED landing light. At just 75W this new series boasts an outstanding 200,000+ candela! With a 15°x15° bright white beam angle that greatly improves visibility both on the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away.

An easy drop-in replacement for the standard legacy 4509 and 4591 bulbs, SunSpot 36-4509 and SunSpot 36-4591 are a safety upgrade that is FAA-PMA/STC approved for use in virtually any aircraft that  requires  a  PAR36  lighting  configuration.  Also  available  with  AeroLEDs  SIGNATURE INTEGRATED PULSE, the -H Models take advantage of an LEDs ability to illuminate instantaneously for increased recognition, even in broad daylight.

AeroLEDs strongly believes that safety is the number one priority for any pilot and has made it their mission since 2006 to produce brighter and more reliable lighting solutions for the Aerospace market as a whole. Year over year, AeroLEDs improves their already top-rated products with new innovations such as integrated pulse, dual-function landing/taxi capability, and sleek solid-state designs that compliment any aircraft.

AeroLEDs aviation lighting products are designed and manufactured in Boise, Idaho, USA. They are rated for over 30,000 hours of continuous use and come with a 5-year warranty. AeroLEDs hopes this new release will continue to pave the way for safer skies, providing a safe LED solution for every pilot no matter the aircraft.

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