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New carbon monoxide detector Geiger Plus introduced by Radiant Technology

Radiant technology introduced Geiger Plus, a new Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector. The new product provides CO detection for pilots and passengers. It is designed with FAA-published guidelines and an additional VOC detection feature gives alerts on exhaust and gasoline vapors, further enhancing pilot safety and giving them an additional way to detect exhaust leak issues. The Geiger Plus is now shipping and as the updated version of the Geiger CO, has many new features. An LED scale was engineered to FAA guidelines for the strength of CO and color coding. The upgraded design advises the possible presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (including exhaust and gasoline vapor) via a distinct, blue LED. The aural alarm starts at 41PPM and changes tone at 100PPM levels to indicate an increasing alarm. The rechargeable battery gives ~6 hours of operation along with a 30-minute recharge time from any USB port, which is up to 80 percent of charge. The Geiger Plus is available now for $99.95 and customers who purchased the predecessor, the Geiger CO, in the last 90 days may upgrade at no charge.
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