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Aviation leaders call on Congress to do more for FAA

In a testimony before the congressional hearing for the funding reauthorization for the FAA, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen spoke, discussing the importance and significance of business aviation. Bolen outlined the legacy of safety leadership and explained that safety remains a priority and guiding factor in the industry's future. "Since the dawn of flight, safety has been integral to everything we do, on the ground and in the air," Bolen said. Bolen spoke to the U.S. House Transportation Infrastructure Committee today, stating that, "because of this continued, comprehensive focus on innovative approaches to safety, aviation is the safest mode of transportation, and the U.S. stands as the global leader in aviation safety."RELATED STORY:FAA inefficiencies a hot topic in discussion among private aviation leaders He noted the many ways that bizav has led the industry in aviation safety, like the development of technologies such as GPS and airborne collision avoidance systems. Bolen said the FAA and its Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) initiative and the development of the International Standard for Business Aviation Operations (IS-BAO) have also impacted aviation safety. Many efforts have been made industry-wide and they have formed a basis for an approach to safety over the last several decades.READ ED BOLEN'S FULL TESTIMONY "That said, the aviation landscape is continually evolving, and the industry's approach to safety must evolve with it," he said. Bolen outlined many emerging concerns that require a focus on safety. There is a need to protect the flight privacy of passengers of crew, the development of new policies that fit better with the advancing airframe technologies and construction, and the building of the next-generation aviation workforce. With the integration of eVTOL aircraft and advanced air mobility, safety must be a top priority. "We have the potential to continue to lead the next phase in the evolution in aviation with AAM, but competition with other nations to be first is fierce and rapidly advancing," he said.Ed Bolen, NBAA President and CEO Bolen discussed three guiding principles for the FAA reauthorization debate. He discussed strengthening critical FAA systems, using strategic solutions to boost the workforce and attract and maintain the new generation of aviation professionals, and mitigation of safety and security threats that have emerged after the deployment of ADS-B. The current funding authorization for the FAA will expire on Sept. 30, 2023. "Our industry looks forward to continued engagement as we develop policy solutions that strengthen our unrivaled National Airspace System, sustain vigilance across the industry on safety and maintain the role of the United States as the world leader in aerospace," he said. "We look forward to a robust discussion about aviation safety."
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