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Climavision announces partnership with MeteoWeather

Climavision announced it entered into a partnership with MeteoWeather. Climavision is a weather tech company based in Lousiville, Kentucky that uses high-resolution radar in the U.S. and satellites to fill other coverage gaps. MeteoWeather is a leading climate tech company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) that specializes in weather intelligence and climate security services. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will collaborate on sales and marketing activities for airports and aviation companies in the Middle East. The joint activities will focus on providing access to Climavision's Global Radio-Occultation and Observation (GRO) forecast model, which is optimized to output data onto all 128 vertical levels, rather than the reduced resolution output of other global models which can be as little as 40 levels. The GRO model improves fuel performance, safety and efficiency for daily airline operations and can offer seamless integration into business aviation and airlines' Flight Management Systems. MeteoWeather will be given access to Climavision's global and regional predictive models, using its third-party datasets and aviation-specific modeling capabilities. MeteoWeather's relationships in the aviation community in the region will allow these solutions to become available to airlines and airports there. This venture comes as the Middle Eastern aviation market is experiencing a growth period with new airports and infrastructure development as part of the Vision 2030 initiative in Saudi Arabia. "Climavision is mindful that sustainability and efforts to hit net zero emissions are top priorities for the aviation industry," Climavision CEO Chris Goode said. "Cutting-edge weather tech solutions like our aviation-specific GRO Forecast Model will help the Middle Eastern aviation community to be significantly better positioned in this area. This will allow airlines and business aviation companies to use our joint solutions to achieve more accurate flight plans, optimize their fuel burn and reduce C02 emissions, and help promote sustainability." "The Middle East is now a major player in climate change initiatives and policies," MeteoWeather CEO Mohammed Al Shaker said. "Saudi Arabia has launched initiatives such as the Saudi and Middle East Green initiatives and we are excited to partner with Climavision to bring decarbonization and climate offerings to the aviation industry in the region. MeteoWeather is always developing and enhancing intelligent climate systems that enhance climate safety for enterprises, including airports and airlines, in their efforts to adapt to the climate." Climavision is positioned to be a disruptor in its efforts to enhance weather in aviation across the globe. The company will accomplish this by using its proprietary high-resolution network of radars and global forecast models infused with novel satellite-based data.
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