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Harry Reid Las Vegas International Airport NV Construction Awareness and Runway Closures

FAAST Blast – R.I.M 3038

This Notice describes the Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS) construction, a multiple-phase project. Taxiways F, E, D, W, and Y will be updated from incandescent to LED taxiway lights. This project will also include pavement rehabilitation for Taxiway high-speed Y. The project will be divided into 5 phases, during which multiple paved areas will be closed for specific periods. The approximate timeframe for Phase 2 completion is February 9th, 2023. Phase 1 has culminated with the permanent closure of Taxiway F between Taxiway B and the APCH END of Rwy 8L. The NEW taxiway designation at the APCH-END of Rwy 8L is Taxiway H3.


This Notice is for Phase 2 starting on 1/3/23:

Phase 2A Effective January 3rd, Taxiway W between Runways 19L and 19R will be closed for approximately 44 days. Barricades are located on Taxiway E between Taxiway S and Taxiway B. The haul route for this phase will take north/southbound on Taxiway E from the APCH End of Runways 19L and 19R to the closed portion of the taxiway. Phase 2B, which includes the daily closure at night for Runway 19L, will commence on January 15th from 2200 until 0600L, Sunday night to Friday morning every week until February 9th, 2023. NOTAMs associated with the construction and closures have been issued. Taxi instructions will be detailed and likely contain specific hold-short instructions to mitigate conflicts and lessen delays.

Pilots are reminded to write down complex taxi instructions and provide a complete read-back to ATC. If unfamiliar, pilots may request "Progressive Taxi Instructions."

Point of Contact:  Natacha Nazario, ACE/Airport Operations Coordinator

[email protected]  (702) 261-5607

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