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BOOST Human External Cargo Systems announces approval of HEC Personnel Carrying Device Systems (PCDS) for Transport Category Rotorcraft

North Vancouver, BC – January 09, 2023 – Boost Human External Cargo Systems, the global leader in fully certified Human External Cargo Systems, Personnel Carrying Device Systems (PCDS), and related Training Services is pleased to announce the BOOST Personnel Carrying Device System for Transport Category Rotorcraft recently received TCCA approval.    

HEC operators are now able to meet HEC requirements when using a Dual Hook System on Bell 205, 212, 412 and Airbus H145, by adding the TCCA certified BOOST Systems’ PCDS.  

Jeff Yarnold, vice president of operations explains, “This STC covers everything below the HEC hook; the Y-Rope Lanyard, Suspension Line, Rigging Plate and Personnel Carrying Device System. Not only do we supply this system with the certified BOOST HEC Systems, but this STC also covers using our PCDSs with other manufacturers’ dual hook systems for the Bell 205, 212, 412 and Airbus H145. The FAA approval is pending and we continue to work on additional certifications to provide more fully approved solutions.”

Boost Systems offers a complete line of TCCA, FAA, CAAC, ANAC, and EASA certified HEC systems for a wide range of helicopter models and fully compliant accessories, including HEC dual hook systems, approved PCDS, and Boost Systems’ Generation II HEC Suspension Lines, which are the most advanced suspension lines available today. Boost Systems also provides world-class training for HEC operations.

For additional information about Boost Systems, visit our website at www.boostsystems.ca, send an email to [email protected] or call 1 888 851 4014

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