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Universal Avionics Establishes Repair Capability for Enhanced Vision Cameras

The addition of ClearVision EVS-5000 multispectral cameras to repair station services streamlines customer support in North America. 

Tucson, Arizona – December 8, 2022 – Universal Avionics (UA), an Elbit Systems company has established repair capabilities for ClearVision™ EVS-5000 in its Tucson, AZ Part 145 Repair Station. The addition of multispectral enhanced vision cameras to the UA Repair Station capability list augments the worldwide support for EVS-5000 and will support its growing North American customer base. 

ClearVision Enhanced Vision System (EVS) provides superior visuals with real-time synthetic information to improve flight safety and operational capabilities. EVS merges six sensors – from visible light to longwave, and high-definition cameras into a single combined image. Pilots can take advantage of complete situational awareness in all weather conditions day and night, during take-off, approach, and landing phases.  

“ClearVision EVS-5000 is one of the most sophisticated electrical optical systems for commercial aviation of its time. Successful implementation of repair services paves the way to additional high-end technology work in our Tucson facilities,” said Steve Pagnucco, Vice President of Operations at Universal Avionics. “This project has showcased Universal Avionics’ ability to develop optical test equipment and transition complex technologies across a global corporation.” 

ClearVision EVS is designed to increase platform efficiency and safety, with the latest visual processing technology, meeting all FAA/EASA EVS or EFVS civil certification requirements. Repair activities for EVS-5000 are expected to start by year-end, with more support for advanced solutions on the roadmap. 

The complete ClearVision Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) solution combines EVS with synthetic 3D terrain display to empower head-up flight operations using SkyLens™ and SkyVis™ head-wearable displays. It features a large field of view, with the brightest and highest resolution HUD (Head Up Display) for commercial aircraft in the market. 

To learn more about the ClearVision Enhanced Vision System and Universal Avionics repair services, visit www.uasc.com

About Universal Avionics 

Universal Avionics is a leading manufacturer of innovative commercial aircraft solutions for business aviation, special missions, cargo and airline operations, and helicopters. Our connectivity ecosystem provides pilots with an integrated ‘head-up/head-down’ experience combining head-wearable display technology and enhanced vision with flight management, data link, and advanced display systems. 

Universal is a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., a major defense manufacturer and world leader in military aerospace. Connect What’s Next with complete situational awareness for efficient operations and new capabilities to advance flight. Next is Now. Visit uasc.com or follow us on social media to learn more. 

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