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Hartzell Receives Voyager Propeller STC for Cessna Skywagon Fleet

Following recent acceptance by backcountry flyers of Cessna, Skywagons, Hartzell Propeller expanded the applicability of its popular three-blade aluminum Voyager props. The Voyager was previously approved for other Cessna 180/182/185/206 aircraft. These aircraft were powered by the Continental 520 and 550 engines. STC approval was given for Cessna 180 aircraft which is powered by Continental 470-A (S/N 41000 and higher)-J, -R and -S engines. Included in this are the 180 models and models C-J with standard engines. "Inspired by customer acceptance since we introduced the Voyager in 2019, we are continuing our efforts to make it available to a much broader fleet," Hartzell Propeller president JJ Frigge said. "We are also excited to partner with the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) to offer its members a $1,000 discount on the regular price of Voyager props from now until the end of 2023." The Voyager was custom-designed to provide a better performance, cruise speeds, take-off acceleration and climb rate. The design includes swept scimitar aluminum blades, specifically designed for these airplanes. Backcountry Cessna flyers are encouraged to contact Hartzell Propeller or a service facility to order the new Voyager propeller. The new propeller is being sold with the Hartzell Top Prop Performance Conversion line. The 86-inch diameter propeller is offered at $16,561 and includes a polished spinner and all STC documentation. The Voyager has a 2,400-hour, six-year TBO and the longest propeller warranty in the business through the first overhaul. "The Voyager is a real tribute to Hartzell Propeller's commitment to backcountry pilots," RAF Chairman John J. McKenna Jr. said. "It shows that they are paying attention to what the market is looking for, they hear what we're saying, and they understand." "Hartzell really hit the nail on the head with this one. I've had a number of different propellers on my 185, and the Voyager has outperformed them in all quadrants. Not to mention, it's a great-looking propeller," he said. Hartzell will also make a $250 contribution to the RAF organization for every RAF member that purchases the propeller until the end of the year, on top of the RAF discount provided.
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