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CAF "12 Planes of Christmas" raises money to restore historic aircraft

Photo from CAF FundraiserThe Commemorative Air Force is holding another "12 Planes of Christmas" celebration. This online campaign takes in donations to restore and maintain aircraft.CAF's historic fleet is maintained, restored, exhibited and flown by a volunteer force. There are more than 60 locations in the country where the force operates. Donations, like those raised every year during the "12 Planes of Christmas" campaign, keep the fleet of historic aircraft flying.Every year, 12 planes are chosen to be featured in the campaign. CAF chooses an additional aircraft to be featured. "The Phoenix Projects" shows the additional plane after its first flight following restoration. This year's planes were chosen from 12 different CAF units across eight states. These aircraft have significant historical value for the aviation community, but restoration will have a positive impact on the surrounding community as well.Plane photos from Warbirdnews As the world's largest flying museum, the CAF has a fleet of over 170 WWII aircraft, according to Warbirdnews. Over 70% of the fleet is airworthy already. The Christmas campaign aims to restore the historic aircraft to be added to their fleet for flights, educational programs and tours. Renovations made to the planes are anything from changing out a propeller blade to installing new engines. The "12 Planes of Christmas" campaign funds the restoration as well as supports the efforts of the organization and the volunteers. This year's 12 aircraft include: AT-6 Nella WASP Squadron SNB Indiana Wing BT-13 Capital Wing T-34 T-34 Sponsor GroupPBY Catalina Lake Superior Squadron PT-17 Dallas/Fort Worth Wing Fi 156 Southern California Wing PT-19 Heart of America Wing PT-26 Buckeye Wing P-47 Airbase Georgia Zero 111 TORA! TORA! TORA! B-25 Miss Mitchell Minnesota Wing Donations are given to the CAF's Restoration Grant Fund, established in 2008. The matching fund will double individual donations. The CAF does not receive government funding but survives with the revenue from rides and appearance fees, as well as donations. The campaign launched on Dec. 1 and will run through Dec. 31. Donate to the 12 Planes of Christmas Campaign HERE.
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