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Icarus Jet announces all-inclusive trip support service for midsize aircraft

Icarus Jet launched an all-inclusive international trip support package for midsize private aircraft, starting at $499 per leg. This new package is targeting private jets with an MTOW of 16,631 to 47,999 LBS. This also includes guaranteed parking, permits and discounted fuel prices. This announcement follows the successful launch of Icarus Jet's initial $99 per leg trip support package for light private aircraft, aimed at international routes operated by small private jets of less than 16,630 LBS of MTOW. "With transatlantic flights hitting all-time highs, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to launch our second trip support package this year," Founder and President of Icarus Kevin Singh said. "We are also witnessing that private and corporate flight departments are increasing demand towards the end of the year and early 2023 - a strong development that supports the need for an all-inclusive and tailored international trip support package." Icarus Jet's new package offers planning and tracking, flight coordination, crew service, ground handling, overflight and landing permits. In addition, a 0% markup on handling fees is guaranteed. The included access to parking and highly competitive fuel prices can save clients 3-7% in fees annually. "As a part of our trip support procedure, we always certify that a flight is within the regulations and that the aircraft, crew, and passengers are safely allowed to operate in a specific airport," said Mark Daroy, managing director of trip support at Icarus Jet. "Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that the aircraft can handle the performance requirements of the airport - runway specifications, weather conditions, while also confirming that rescue and fire-fighting services are available and well equipped for the aircraft, among other variables." Icarus Jet has started plans for the 2023 announcement of a customizable international trip support package for heavy jets with an MTOW of 48,000 LBS to 100,000 LBS. This new package aims to supply the increasing global demand for long-range transatlantic flights by pilots, owners and corporate flight departments.
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