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Video shows Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 deploy parachute after takeoff near Indianapolis

Photo courtesy of Hancock County (IN) Sherrif's OfficeIn what is thought to be the second time for the deployment of a CAPS parachute system on a Cirrus Vision Jet SF50, a pilot survived a crash landing on Nov. 25, shortly after taking off from Indianapolis Regional Airport (MQJ). According to local media reports, the small jet landed in a pond in Hancock County, Indiana around 8 a.m. Video captured by witnesses shows the plane parachuting to the ground. According to Indianapolis TV station WISH, the pilot reported that the engine in the 2020 Vision Jet started to "sputter and stall" before the pilot deployed the parachute. Data from ADS-B Exchange indicates that the aircraft reached 1,600 feet before the parachute was deployed. The pilot was not injured. Indianapolis TV station WTHR identified him as 54-year-old Timothy Borrup of Florida. He was the only person on board, and the Cirrus aircraft was on a repositioning flight. "When the jet began to nose-up and lose power, Mr. Borrup activated the jet's emergency system that deployed a parachute from the front of the aircraft," the sheriff's office reportedly said, according to WISH-TV. "The parachute deployed and the jet, with Borrup safely inside, then slowly glided down to the ground." Charter company Verijet issued a statement to the station that said in part: "Verijet captain Timothy Borrup pulled the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) off runway 25 at MQJ (Friday) morning. Timothy is uninjured and in good spirits." Local officials are assisting the FAA and NTSB as the federal agencies investigate.RELATED STORY: First Cirrus Airframe Parachute System deployment on a fielded Vision Jet confirmed Three people were rescued from a wooded area in September after a Cirrus SF50 deployed its airframe parachute while on approach to Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) in Kissimmee, Florida.
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