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Sporty's Pilot Shop releases new PJ2+ radio in time for holidays

Sporty's Pilot Shop has released a new PJ2 radio. The PJ2+ has three new upgrades to set it apart from the PJ2. Now with 6 watts peak-transmit power, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an upgraded screen, Sporty's says the PJ2+ sets the bar for handheld aviation radios. After the success of the PJ2 COM radio, the PJ2+ hits the market in time for the holidays. In an emergency, there is no time to look for loose cords or search for a tiny button on a radio. With features aiming to simplify use for pilots, the radio can provide enhanced safety features in a time of crisis. The new PJ2+ pairs top-of-the-line features with 20 percent more power to provide every advantage in safety and comfort to pilots. This backup radio is simple but effective, offering quality features while running without complex menus, wires or adapters. Adjustments are easy to do while midflight, Sporty's says, even in turbulence. The extra-large screen and ease of use will make a difference in an emergency, allowing the radio to be used quickly and efficiently under any circumstances. The many improvements of this radio can ease the mind of any pilot who will fly with the PJ2+ in their bag. The new radio does not have adapter cables, meaning it can be plugged right into the headset without any extra wires and cables. Running on AA batteries, the PJ2+ also has a USB-C plug on the side for an additional option for powering the radio. Other features include a backlit keypad, 20 scannable memory channels, fast scanning, a large push-to-talk button, a last frequency button, an oversized backlit screen and a quick access emergency 121.5 button. A twin-plug headset can be plugged right next to the headphone jack, located on top of the radio.Designed for one-handed use, the device can be used in one hand while the other is still used to fly. A backlit screen and keyboard make viewing at night easier. Every feature of this radio has been optimized for the best and most pilot-friendly operation. The simplifications on the radio are paired with innovative upgrades to provide ease of use for pilots. The only radio with built-in headset jacks, simply plug in your headset and take off.Check out the new radio.
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