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United Arab Emirates National Search & Rescue Centre selects Smith Myers ARTEMIS Mobile Phone Detection, Location & Communication System as the sensor of choice for its SAR Helicopter Fleet

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 21st November 2022 – 11:00 GMT (Gulf Standard Time 15:00 GMT+4)--- The National Search and Rescue Center (NSRC) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently hosting the International Search and Rescue conference and exhibition in Abu Dhabi. 

NSRC has used the conference to formally announce that they have selected the Smith Myers ARTEMIS Mobile Phone detection, location, and communication system for installation across their fleet of Search & Rescue Helicopters.

“Smith Myers and ARTEMIS outperformed others during extensive in-country testing. This new and unique sensor will lead to more rapid and positive Search and Rescue mission outcomes,” said H.E. Dr. Stephen A. Toumajan, General Manager, NSRC.

“The NSRC has an ambitious vision to explore the future and consolidate a culture of excellence, to make the UAE among the world’s leading countries in terms of competitiveness and overall development,” he added.

He further added that the conference was organized with the guidance of the UAE’s leadership on the importance of preparing for challenges, looking ahead to the future, and harnessing new and advanced technological tools to serve humanity, as well as to support the community and national economy, and ensure the future for the next generations.

Andrew Munro, Company Director at Smith Myers, attending the conference as a guest speaker, said, “We are proud to be working with NSRC to bring this new and life-saving capability to the UAE.  Working with NSRC has been a great experience.  But for us, this is where the relationship begins, as we support the transition to operations of our new T-A ARTEMIS system with NSRC”.   

Organized by the NSRC, and held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the conference and the exhibition has attracted specialized speakers from local, regional, and international levels, as well as exhibits from companies from around the world.

About NSRC https://www.nsrc.gov.ae/

NSRC undertakes all the assigned tasks in coordination with local and federal authorities in all aid and emergency processes. On the other hand, the Center implements the international standards and specifications of the devices, equipment, installations, and tools needed for search & rescue and issuing orders and regulations. The Center also supervises the efforts to develop the response capabilities through preparing and applying methods and exchanging information and expertise with regional and global counterparts.

About Smith Myers

Now in its 35th year of operation, Smith Myers is an award-winning UK company specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and support of application-specific cellular network and handset capabilities for network operators, government agencies, law enforcement, military, and SAR organizations

About ARTEMIS https://www.artemis.smithmyers.com/

ARTEMIS can quickly identify and accurately locate mobile telephones in the challenging airborne SAR environment, even where there is no cellular network present.  ARTEMIS can detect cellular handsets at extended ranges (30Km+) and provide unique capabilities such as mass-mapping and geofencing, which lead to more rapid positive outcomes, even in low light/IMC conditions.  ARTEMIS is not a DF system but uses cellular (2G/3G/4G/5G) protocols to interact with the handsets.

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