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New Stainless Steel 4,500 Capacity Remote Cargo Hook Released

Olympia, WA, – Mechanical Specialties, LLC has released the first of its next generation Stainless Steel remote cargo hooks. This first being released is a 4,500 lb capacity version. This is the same physical size as the model 301, 3,000 lb remote cargo hook, which has been the most popular cargo hook in the world over the last 35 years of production. The new model 450 carries on that legacy with more robust and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel construction and higher capacity. It just made a great cargo hook better!

“Minuteman Aviation, Inc. has been a loyal cargo hook customer for over 20 years. Our hooks are a far superior product than anything else on the market and are designed by operators, for operators. We are pleased to already have the first four Model 450 hooks on the way to Minuteman Aviation Inc., now!”

~Brian Reynolds, CEO Mechanical Specialties LLC

“We put in a request for a higher capacity hook for our upgraded Bell Model 407’s and are very excited to be the launch customer for the Mechanical Specialties 450 hook. Minuteman Aviation, Inc. has used Mechanical Specialties hooks for 20+ years. We currently utilize 8 hooks to handle the various work we conduct. It has been a robust hook for the type of jobs we do with great reliability. Mechanical Specialties personnel have always gone above and beyond with service and technical support when needed. With the combined integrity, durability, and customer care, we will continue to use Mechanical Specialties LLC Products.”

~Michael Mamuzich, President / Co-Owner Minuteman Aviation, Inc.

Minuteman Aviation, Inc. is a utility helicopter operator with over 30 years in the Helicopter Utility business, operating all over the United States, based in Missoula, MT.

For more information, please go to their website: https://www.minutemanaviation.net

Mechanical Specialties LLC, based in Olympia, WA, is the Worldwide Leader in Helicopter Cargo hook platforms with thousands of Cargo Hooks in service and over 40 Years of Helicopter Cargo Hook experience. See more information on Mechanical Specialties, LLC website: https://mechspecialties.com or contact [email protected], (360) 754-7200.

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