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ARGUS | North America Flight Activity

DENVER, CO - North American business aviation flight activity remained consistent week over week for the month of October. Over the course of the month, every day of the week, excluding Saturday, averaged over 10,000 flights a day. The busiest day of the week was Thursday, averaging 12,150 flights per day.

Stat of the Week: The 2022 World Series commenced last week with Games 1 and 2 played at Minute Maid Field in Houston, TX on Friday Oct 28th and Saturday Oct 29th. Airports serving the Houston area saw a small 2.2% increase in business aviation flight actiivty on Friday in a week over week comparison.

The largest increase in flight actiivty was observed at Houston Executive Airport (TME), with a 27.3% increase in flight activity week over week before Game 1. 

ARGUS International continues to bring innovative solutions to the aviation industry. Flight Tracking software solutions such as TRAQPak and Clearview, SMS software, SafetyLinQ and PRISM ARMOR, are recognized as the most efficient and accurate in the industry. Visit argus.aero for all products and services.

About ARGUS International Inc.
ARGUS International (ARGUS), a member of the SGS Group, is the leader in Aviation Data, Software, Audits, and Certification Services.  ARGUS Market Intelligence is the premier Aviation Forecasting service worldwide and have emerged as a leader among market intelligence service providers. ARGUS PROS is one of the 1st accredited audit organizations in the United States and involved in the development of the IOSA Auditing Program. We continue to be the leading provider of on-site safety audits nationwide. ARGUS PRISM is the worldwide leader in safety management systems and a pioneer in FAA Accreditation Consulting for UAS service providers.  ARGUS was founded in 1995 and headquartered in Colorado.  To learn more about ARGUS international, please visit www.ARGUS.aero


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