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FAA Certifies NVG-Compatible Cockpit for R66 Police Helicopter

Torrance, CA (5 October 2022) — On September 30th, Robinson received FAA certification for its Night Vision Google (NVG) compatible configuration on its R66 Police helicopter. For NVG compatibility, the helicopter’s interior and exterior lighting along with the aircraft’s instruments and avionics were evaluated to certify the helicopter for operation day or night with or without the use of NVGs.

The Florida Polk County Sheriff Office’s (PCSO) second R66 Police helicopter (S/N 1158) is fully NVG compatible and served as the test bed for certification. The aircraft was delivered to the PCSO on September 30th.  A third NVG-compatible R66 Police helicopter is slotted for delivery to the PCSO in January 2023.

The PCSO air support flies on average 1,100 hours each year. Centrally located between Orlando and Tampa, the PSCO provides air support for every law enforcement agency in its 2,000 square mile county as well as surrounding counties. Much of the terrain consists of lakes and flatlands with little to no illumination at night making NVG goggles essential.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters. For additional information, visit www.robinsonheli.com.

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