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Pilot keeps Cessna 210 on pavement during belly landing at Bowman Field (LOU)

A pilot escaped without injury on Wednesday after landing a Cessna 210 Centurion without its landing gear deployed at Bowman Field Airport (LOU) in Louisville, Kentucky. The plane came to rest on runway 6-24 just before 12:45 p.m. with the pilot able to keep the plane centered on the pavement. GlobalAir.com staff then witnessed the pilot exit the plane without assistance. The public relations director for the Louisville Regional Airport Authority said its public safety department responded to the incident "related to a landing gear malfunction." The radio recordings from LiveATC indicate that the Cessna, registration N3901Y, was cleared to land around 12:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. There was no indication in the radio transmissions of the aircraft suffering any issues beforehand. At 12:39, an air traffic controller asked the pilot how far he was going to go for base. "I'm turning right now, sir," the pilot replied. Two minutes later the pilot radioed again. "I have an issue," he said. "Tower, I need some help here." Other traffic inbound for runway 24 was immediately instructed to go around. This is followed shortly afterward by a controller telling traffic that the airport was not accepting arrivals, suggesting nearby Clark Regional Airport (JVY) as an alternate. Four minutes after the aircraft came to rest on its belly, another pilot can be heard addressing it on the radio. "I hope he's OK," he said. An air traffic controller replied: "Everything appears to be."Shortly after, ground crews waived off any need for a medical or fire response. At 12:46, the airport began directing traffic to runway 15-33, which remained open until the Cessna 210 was towed away. The regional airport authority confirmed that the runway did not suffer any damage and said the FAA has been notified. A preliminary statement from the FAA confirmed that the aircraft was towed to the ramp after landing on the runway "with its gear up, coming to a stop at taxiway A3." The agency is investigating. The FAA database for the aircraft shows its registered owner as pending to a Shepherdsville, Kentucky address, a city just south of Louisville. GlobalAir.com confirmed through a reliable source that the aircraft had been sold from a California dealership in January. It can take months for online FAA records to be updated. The aircraft status is listed as "certification terminated or in question," which could also be a ripple effect from the sales process, according to the source.
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