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JETNET CEO Greg Fell issues call to arms on sustainability

JETNET CEO Greg Fell took the stage at the JETNET iQ Business Aviation Summit to issue a call to arms for the industry on sustainability. The remarks came at the end of the session called Sustainability: Getting to Our Bluer Skies. Greener Future., featuring Tim Obitts andamp; Bryan Sherbacow of Alder Fuels, Kurt Edwards of International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), Puja Mahajan of Azzera, and Steve Cass of Gulfstream Aerospace. "We must be leaders in the adoption of sustainable aviation fuels and carbon offsets," Fell stated. "If we wait, we will be disrupted by this issue. The 60-year-old executive flying in a business jet may not care. But the 40-year-old executive flying in a business jet does care. That difference is enough to disrupt our industry. Waiting is not a strategy." The theme of this year's 11th annual iQ Summit is Bluer Skies. Greener Future. The event is the largest in its 11-year history and brings together the business and thought leadership of the business aviation industry. "The drive to sustainability is real, and we are about to be disrupted by this issue," Fell continued. "This disruption is going to happen. If you are a student of disruptions, you know how these things work. We can be leaders, or we can wait to be disrupted. I believe we should be leaders. We should be leading the charge into sustainable aviation fuel and carbon offsets. If we don't, someone or something else will disrupt our industry."
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