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The "Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation" has just released a new safety video on "How to avoid a Vortex Ring State in helicopter operations".

In this educational video in Part I of III, Pilots will learn the 3 perquisites to build up a Vortex Ring State. It presents the aerodynamic background of the build up and the typical signs of  a Vortex ring State. Special emphasis will be laid on the different Vortex Ring State sectors in relation to the rotor disk load. The video is packed with incredible animations and exciting new footage.

This video is only available in the members section on the VRASF.org Foundation website. You can register for free as a member and be the first to see this stunning video.

For more information about the Vuichard Safety Techniques please visit the website of the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation: www.vrasf.org or contact us by E-Mail: [email protected]

Link to video: https://vrasf.cdn.spotlightr.com/watch/MTI5NDI1Mw==

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