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As ICARUS Soars, Price Drops

All new ICARUS Devices will feature a Carbon Fiber Frame pictured above.

ICARUS Devices will consolidate its product line and reduce the price of its game changing pilot training device. The decision was made due to customer feedback and productions lessons since going on sale a year and a half of ago.

“We are dedicated it providing excellent IFR and IIMC training to the Aviation Community.  This product change and price reduction will allow us to better serve pilots, instructors and operators.” says ICARUS Founder Nick Sinopoli.

From now on, every ICARUS device will have the same rigid Carbon Fiber frame as its helicopter devices and sell for $1,250, down $250. For fixed wing customers a standard centered cutout visor will be offered, while helicopter customers will still select the visor that is fit for their aircraft. Aircraft specific cutouts are still an option and ensure that pilots don’t receive any peripheral visual cues that they wouldn’t get in a cloud.

Previous fixed wing customers had received a non-rigid visor that would fold flat, making it more compact for cramped cockpits. While functional, the design had some durability issues that the helicopter visor did not. The carbon fiber frame protects the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film that allows ICARUS to change opacity.

Over two hundred ICARUS Device are flying with private pilots, flight schools, law enforcement agencies, Helicopter Air Ambulances (HAA) operators and the military.  ICARUS devices fly in everything from the Cessna 152 to CH-47 Chinooks. As word spreads about how ICARUS allows for excellent IFR and IIMC training, the company can reduce the price due to economies of scale.

ICARUS Devices would like to thank its fantastic customers, who are on the forefront of the improving aviation safety. All ICARUS fixed wing customers who have invested in better instrument training will be eligible to receive a new visor at no cost.

The Instrument Conditions Awareness Recognition and Understanding System (ICARUS) gives Instructor Pilots (IPs) simulator like capabilities while flying in the aircraft. ICARUS replaces the “Hood” that was invented by then 1LT Jimmy Doolittle in 1929 and was invented by Nick Sinopoli. 

Learn more at www.ICARUSDevices.com

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