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GPMS Welcomes Tom Benson to Board of Directors

Waterbury, VT  – GPMS, provider of the helicopter industry’s most advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) known as Foresight MX, announced today that it has appointed Tom Benson to its board of directors. Benson, an accomplished C-level executive with a strong record of leading software-as-a-service companies, will help guide the company’s strategy and direction as it navigates growth and demand for its Foresight MX product.

“Tom brings a wealth of experience developing businesses that specialize in software and data-driven aviation maintenance management tools,” said Jed Kalkstein, GPMS President. “We will certainly lean into his expertise as we continue to grow GPMS and expand our Foresight MX customer base.”

“I'm thrilled to be part of the GPMS team and contribute to its mission to deliver a comprehensive aircraft health and performance monitoring solution that will transform aviation maintenance management,” Benson proclaimed.

According to Benson, the world of heavy asset management is migrating away from traditional scheduled maintenance and toward digitalization that supports predictive maintenance. Owners and operators have begun embracing solutions that monitor and analyze asset performance data to improve business and operational efficiency. Benson said that Foresight MX’s design puts it in a unique position to capitalize on this shift in the rotorcraft industry.

“Foresight was designed to not only deliver detailed, comprehensive insight into the health and performance of aircraft, but it was also designed with sophisticated APIs to integrate with existing operator maintenance management tools,” he said. Benson explained that this level of information and integration will enable operators to move beyond simply scheduling and documenting maintenance events to a predictive maintenance paradigm, greatly improving operational efficiency through schedule optimization and budget controls.

“Foresight is the most advanced HUMS technology available anywhere, and it will help the industry shift to predictive and condition-based maintenance, resulting in increased safety and reduced operational costs,” he concluded.

Benson has spent more than 25 years developing and directing high-tech hardware and software projects, and leading companies focused on monitoring, collecting data, and developing and delivering maintenance management solutions to the business aviation industry. Most recently he was the Chief Strategy Officer at CAMP Systems International where he oversaw significant company growth, resulting in a multibillion-dollar private equity exit transaction. Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President and General Manager at AMSTAT where he oversaw a transformation of the business to a modern, web-based SaaS platform, along with a customer-driven mindset.

About GPMS International, Inc.

GPMS’s Foresight MX offers a next-generation, predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System that goes beyond HUMS. Foresight MX is designed to give equipment operators the power to “Know it before it matters” providing Machine Condition Monitoring, optimized Rotor Track and Balance, and Fleet Data with Exceedance Monitoring in one powerful system. Fully predictive, Foresight MX offers insights needed to optimize maintenance, safety, and operations. GPMS has re-engineered the HUMS category to put its advantages within reach of every operator, making all platforms smarter and more connected.

GPMS already has STCs for Foresight MX on a range of helicopter platforms including Bell 407 GX/GXP/GXi, Bell 429, Bell 412/212, MD530, and Airbus H125/AS350 B3. The company has also completed the system for the Mi- Series helicopters and expects STC’s for the H135, the AS350 B2, analog Bell 407, UH-60A (Blackhawk), and the CH-47 soon.

To learn why today’s fleets depend on Foresight MX, visit https://www.gpms-vt.com.

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