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HTM Group and Entrol successfully conduct a flight test campaign for H145 D-3

This campaign has been part of the H145 FTD Level 3 simulator development by Entrol together with HTM Group, a long-standing partner.

According to Luis Olarte, Entrol's CEO, "It became clear quite quickly that many of our customers would switch to the new five-blade model and that other operators would also rely on this aircraft in the future. The demand for a high-quality flight simulator was correspondingly high".

"We are therefore extremely pleased to have a reliable partner in the HTM Group, which not only has the necessary approvals and instrumentation, but also already has the H145 D-3 in its fleet," adds Olarte.

Andreas Schühle, Managing Director of the EASA Part 21J development operation and responsible for the business development of the entire HTM Group, is pleased: "Such a project is always something special and we are all the more proud that the flight test campaign could be successfully completed. All our companies were involved: From our Part 21J development organization AAD to the fitting of the FTI by Intercopter, to the flight test organization, the entire HTM Group was closely involved. We are already looking forward to testing flying the finished simulator from our partner Entrol - we have been convinced of their quality for many years, not only through our own EC135 FNPT II."

About Helicopter Travel Munich Group:

Founded in 1997, HTM Group is a helicopter company spread throughout Germany. It started as a rescue helicopter operation until 2003 when they founded Intercopter, their maintenance company. In 2018, the development and certification operations of aircraft and components were added with the establishment of AAD aerospace. Now, AAD is also approved as a manufacturing facility.

All these years of high-quality standards, having aviation experts on their team, modern helicopters and using the latest technology have made HTM Group one of the leading helicopter companies in Germany.

About entrol:

Since 2005, entrol develops and manufactures helicopter and fixed-wing FNPT and FTD simulators, for flight schools, airlines and operators, in order to improve pilot training, increase security on aircraft operations and reduce operational costs.

Entrol simulators are covered by a comprehensive after-sales services and designed according to CS-FSTD and FAA FTD directives.

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