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HeliSpeed purchases an H14 FNPT II MCC simulator from Entrol

In January 2023 Entrol will install their H14 FNPT II MCC simulator based on the Bell 429 at HeliSpeed Academy Base in Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

The H14 is equipped with GTN 750 and GTN 650 units, a three channel cylindrical visual system with a FOV of 200ºx40º and a vibration system to replicate the normal and abnormal flying conditions such as vortex ring, translational lift and turbulence.

This simulator will also have additional screens to conduct training in oil rigs and ships both day and night.

The simulator is highly configured to support special “Onshore” & “Offshore” helicopter operations such as HTAWS, Helideck, Oil rig, Ships and even complex “Medvac and Hospital Operations”.

The simulator will also support the Academy’s special areas of training such as Night Vision Imaging Systems and Night Vision Goggle training. The simulator will hold and support training to both EASA and UK CAA approval standards.

In CEO Geoff Packer's words: “This B429 Simulator will be the first new simulator addiction to support HeliSpeed Helicopter Training Academy packages, it allows our pilot training school to support and provide both safe, efficient, and cost-effective training in the complex world of helicopter “Onshore” and “Offshore” operations and “Night Vision Operations Training”. This simulator will also allow HeliSpeed Solutions pilots in upskilling of our contract pilots to meet all our client’s mission specific requirements.”

This will be the second simulator Entrol installs in the United Kingdom, both of them in a year span.

About Helispeed:

HeliSpeed was founded in 2015 and supports two type of helicopter operations: “HeliSpeed Solutions” which now supports and employs over 2500 helicopter pilot contractors and engineers world-wide with “HeliSpeed Academy” supporting this world- wide customer base with helicopter pilot training through up-skilling.
This training then allows the Academy’s pilots to progress directly from training to a world-wide pilot employment position offered by HeliSpeed Solutions.

As HeliSpeed Academy is not affiliated to any one helicopter operator this allows HeliSpeed to fully support all of its world-wide operators with highly skilled mission trained pilots.

About entrol:

Since 2005, entrol develops and manufactures helicopter and fixed-wing FNPT and FTD simulators, for flight schools, airlines and operators, in order to improve pilot training, increase security on aircraft operations and reduce operational costs.

Entrol simulators are covered by a comprehensive after-sales services and designed according to CS-FSTD and FAA FTD directives.

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