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Airbus Corporate Jets, CTT Systems launch ACJ TwoTwenty humidification system

CTT Systems will supply Airbus Corporate Jets with an optional inflight humidification system for the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet.Developed as a joint ambition, the humidification system will optimize the humidity in the cabin with anti-condensation protection, equally distributing humidified air in the extra-large business jet cabin.Benoit Defforge, President of ACJ, noted that restoring humidity to a "ground-like level" will allow passengers to benefit from long-haul travel. Without an efficient humidification system, a business jet cabin can be dehydrating, raising cabin levels to above 20% RH (relative humidity).Additionally, dry air can cause fatigue, jet lag, red eyes, and dry skin."We are delighted that Airbus Corporate Jets includes humidification as part of the comfort climate in ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft," says Peter Landquist, Vice President Senior Advisor Sales at CTT Systems. "ACJ is first-in the large-cabin business jet segment to offer significantly elevated cabin air humidity with total moisture protection that eliminates all fuselage condensation issues."
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