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Power Flow Powers-Up Production Of Improved PMCF Exhaust

DAYTONA BEACH, FL -- Having successfully overcome several daunting challenges, ranging from supply-chain SNAFU's to a global pandemic and with a couple of hurricanes thrown in for good measure, Power Flow reports that it is now steadily increasing the production rate of its new PMCF systems for Cessna -180, -182, and -185 airframes powered by Continental O- and I/O- 470, 520, andamp; 550 engines. Building on its installed base of well over 6,000 four cylinder Tuned Exhaust Systems, Power Flow in 2019 acquired the STC's, tooling, and production machinery for the new PMCF systems from the estate of the late Dane Wagner, President and chief designer of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems formerly of Anchorage, Alaska. As explained by Mr. Darren Tilman, President of Power Flow: "Using Mr. Wagner's ground-breaking designs as a starting point, we have made significant improvements to both the product itself and the quality control procedures. Based on our 20+ years of experience manufacturing high performance exhaust systems, we are confident of providing our Customers with a reliable and long-lasting performance upgrade." The intense, multi-year effort is now yielding tangible results with nearly 65 brand new, Power Flow produced, PMCF systems shipped to Customers world-wide. To better meet demand, Power Flow has increased its team of precision welders by 50% and expanded the size of its production facility. A properly tuned exhaust system significantly improves the efficiency of an aircraft engine allowing it to extract more power from each combustion cycle. Power Flow tuned exhaust systems are FAA Approved via STC and provide an immediate increase of 30 to 130 RPM, an additional 100-250 feet per minute in climb and the ability to go the same airspeed while saving up to 2.2 gallons per hour in fuel burn. For more information on Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems visit PowerFlowSystems.com.
Created 72 days ago
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