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DRF Luftrettung and Reiser Simulation and Training develop the latest-generation Hoist Simulator

DRF Luftrettung and manufacturer Reiser Simulation and Training are planning to launch an ultra-modern Helicopter Hoist Operation Simulator in spring 2023. It will elevate the training options for helicopter hoist operation to a new level. Its development drew on the many years of expertise that the two organisations have in air rescue, Helicopter Hoist Operation and simulation. The simulator, which is based on augmented reality, enables highly professional hoist manoeuvre training for hoist operators and pilots – from standard procedures to emergency ones. Other new features include the extremely convenient option of mobile use as well as a possibility to connect it to the Reiser Full Flight Simulator Level D.

In order to offer optimal training options for hoist operators and pilots, DRF Luftrettung and Reiser Simulation and Training have launched a joint project together: the Helicopter Hoist Operation Simulator. It is planned to launch in spring 2023 and will create a fully new dimension for Helicopter Hoist Training. “It has two special aspects that are unique for the civil market. Firstly, the Hoist simulator is mobile and is exceptionally convenient to use. This means it can be used quickly and straightforwardly at different air rescue and training sites. Secondly, it can be connected to the Reiser Full Flight Simulator Level D in Frankfurt, which makes it possible to design customized training flexibly,” explains Sebastian Schneider, Head of Hoist Training at DRF Luftrettung. “For example, a hoist operator will be able to train virtually in different hoist scenarios with his or her colleagues in Frankfurt. It is amazingly realistic thanks to the integration of the latest technology such as augmented reality and the motion component, that is, adaptation to changed attitude or weather influences.”

Safety for crews and patients

There is one key goal behind the innovative project: to increase the safety of Helicopter Hoist Operation for crews and patients even further. Unlike the real-world flight training that takes place regularly at hoist bases, simulated ‘reality’ can play out emergency procedures as well. Moreover, particularly challenging or critical situations and individual sequences in highly complex hoist operation can be trained repeatedly without having to think about the time of day or weather influences. “We are very eager to develop and launch our new product. We believe strongly that the simulator will provide us with completely new possibilities for training and education,” explains Sebastian Schneider.

About DRF Luftrettung

DRF Luftrettung based in Filderstadt is one of the largest and most experienced air rescue organisations in Europe, At its 29 HEMS bases in Germany, DRF Luftrettung operates helicopters for emergency rescue and for urgent transport of intensive care patients between hospitals. Crews are on standby around the clock at eleven of these bases and four bases have helicopters equipped with rescue hoists for missions in difficult terrain. In addition, DRF Luftrettung repatriates patients from abroad using its own ambulance aircraft. DRF Luftrettung carried out a total of 38,076 missions in 2021.

The Austrian organisation ARA Flugrettung, with two bases, has been part of DRF Luftrettung since 2001, as well as NHC Northern Helicopter – which performs air and water rescue from three bases – joining in 2019.

The charitable air ambulance organisation is reliant on financial support in order to continue taking its life-saving mission from strength to strength. DRF e.V. can already count on the generosity of well over 400,000 members.

For more information, please visit www.drf-luftrettung.de

About Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH

Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH (RST) has been actively shaping the change in aviation training for more than 30 years. To this end, RST supplies innovative developments made in Germany worldwide, thus contributing to the efficient and safe training of flying personnel. RST approaches all individual training solutions holistically and consistently with the demand for highest precision and attention to detail. The company thus offers support already in the planning stage, taking into account economic and technical aspects, project management, and last but not least, the development and production of unique training solutions. For more information, see www.reiser-st.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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