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Paraclete Aviation Life Support Expands into HEMS Industry with Covenant Children’s ‘Kite Flight’ Team

Paraclete Aviation Life Support Carlos Andino, Market Development Director [far L], and Founder and President, U.S. Army CW5 Ret. J. Scott Hedges [far R] with the Kite Flight Transport Team, Covenant Children's Hospital, Lubbock, TX; [2nd, L] Jonathan Allua, RN, LP; Cherish Brodbeck, RN, LP, Coordinator; Kinsey Edwards, RN; and Monty Rexrode, RT pictured in front of Covenant’s new Airbus EC-135 P3 at their HAI booth.

CLARKSVILLE, TN,  — Paraclete Aviation Life Support announces its further expansion into the Helicopter Emergency Management [HEM] industry as global operators continue to choose rotor- and fixed-wing helmets from the growing civilian aviation manufacturer. As a member of the Association of Air Medical Services [AAMS], Paraclete’s core tenets of comfort, safety and innovation, directly aligns with the AAMS mission, and in every helmet Paraclete manufactures.

Building on its HEMS foundation, Paraclete announces the selection of its Aspida-D helmet by Covenant Children’s Hospital, Lubbock, TX to accommodate Covenant’s Kite Flight Specialty Transport/Transfer (Pediatric and Neonatal) team consisting of a pilot, and a configuration of registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and paramedics as determined by the needs of the patient, and can accommodate Advanced Practice Providers when necessary, said Covenant Children’s Cherish Brodbeck BSN, RNC-OB, LP, Coordinator, Kite Flight Specialty Transport.

“The ‘Kite Flight’ team is excited to work with Paraclete Aviation and have been so impressed with the customer service that has been provided,” said Brodbeck. “The helmets are beautifully crafted and offer exceptional safety quality. Our team members will be safer in the field, while providing exceptional care to our patients, thanks to Paraclete!” In addition to Covenant Children's dedicated Airbus EC-135 P3 helicopter which was on display at the 2022 HAI Expo [see photo], the Hospital operates ground, rotor and fixed wing modes of transport, selecting the most appropriate for the patient based on distance, acuity, and weather, she added.

“We know the Paraclete helmet represents a more comfortable flight ideally aligned with the HEMS pilots and crew members,” said Founder and President, U.S. Army CW5 Ret. J. Scott Hedges. “Knowing that ‘comfort’ can be subjective, we’ve also advanced our designs with innovative technology, like the Kairos, which is experiential the first time a pilot dons one of our helmets.”

With Paraclete’s Aspida-D helmet, the innovative proprietary Kairosretention assembly closes the nape and earbuds around the head, resulting in exemplary comfort and fit, especially with night vision goggles.

“The Kairos system is a hit with our team members,” said Brodbeck. “The fit is much better and less stressful on their head. A good fit = increased safety and protection while doing the job!”

Paraclete has secured certifications for all five sizes of the Aspida™D [a-speed, ‘shield’] Type 1 and 2, and all five sizes [S-XXL] of the Aspida Carbon helmet, and for four of its five [sizes] of the Aegis™ [ee-jis, ‘protection’] D Type 1, set forth by the U.S. Department of Interior [DOI] + the United States Forest Services [USFS] Aviation Helmet Standard.

Paraclete is the only manufacturer to offer DOI-certified helmets in every size, S-XXL. For more information about Paraclete products and Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE] training, contact www.paracletelifesupport.com, 931.274.7947, [email protected].


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