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Phenix Solutions Inc. Completes FAA Milestones on Road to Type Certification

McMinnville, Oregon – May 18, 2022 – Phenix Solutions has completed a significant FAA milestone to continue their Type Certification (TC) journey for the Ultra 2XL Remote Piloted UAS. Recently, the FAA accepted and reviewed Phenix’s Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP) and provided the project number TC17844LA-R to the Ultra 2XL program.

The goal for the Ultra 2XL continues to be FAA TC. With the receipt of the FAA TC, operators can now leverage the safety advantages and enhanced performance of the Ultra 2XL to execute commercial operations. Dan Wright, Director of Airworthiness and Certification, mentioned, "the Phenix team has been focused on implementing the processes and procedures required to obtain a TC and Production Certificate (PC) throughout the build process of the Ultra 2XL. The processes and procedures our team has developed are the core competencies enabling us to certify and manufacture a safe, high performing aircraft within the established regulatory framework.”

The Phenix team is comprised of aviation professionals with multiple decades of experience working with the FAA and Foreign Aviation Authorities certifying many products for worldwide use. Brian Riese, President and CEO, stated, “Our seasoned certification team led by Daniel Wright, has been in open communication with the FAA since the beginning of the development of the Ultra 2XL. We have a clear certification path for Ultra 2XL within the FAA TC process and the Military Flight Release (MFR) and Airworthiness processes. The FAA has been a tremendous partner during this process, and these approvals show that we are heading in the right direction.” 

About Phenix Solutions, Inc.  

Phenix Solutions is an employee-owned small business and non-traditional Defense Contractor building a reputation as a leader in design, manufacturing, and certification for Heavy-Lift UAS, the Ultra 2XL. Phenix solutions targets only certificate products to meet both military and commercial needs in the UAS industry. Phenix spotlights the adaptive technology and COTS strategy to advance their goals. For more information, please visit our website: www.phenixuas.com  



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