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Talk2Tower reinvents flight instruction with radio communications program

DALLAS, TX - Air Traffic Controllers know that accurate and precise aviation radio skills are essential to flight safety. The Talk2Tower Aviation Radio Instruction Program has launched as a fully comprehensive radio training program unlike any program currently available in the market. As a result of more than three years of study of private radio instruction, Talk2Tower was designed and developed by a retired FAA licensed Air Traffic Controller and PIlot Pamelita Ware.The Talk2Tower model was developed by an entirely new class of Aviation Radio Instruction. The unique program offers precise, yet functional instruction from current FAA licensed Air Traffic Controllers not found in standard aviation instruction.Conventional aviation radio instruction depends solely on the knowledge of the Flight Instructor teaching a student pilot to fly. As a result, suitable or accurate radio usage is often overlooked because flying the aircraft is the first area of concern. Radio instruction is typically learned by parroting the instructor and picking up any information the student can gain on their own. However, when listening to transmissions currently being made by student and licensed pilots, it's clear there is a better way to learn the intricacies of radio communications."Like any good language program, the Talk2Tower program begins with the basics and progresses to a comprehensive Controller/Pilot dialogue incredibly quickly compared to other programs. This degree of specialized training can only be taught by highly skilled and proficient individuals in the Aviation Language; as such, all Talk2Tower Instructors are FAA licensed Air Traffic Controllers. We teach using live scenarios that are tailored to the individualized needs of the students. One major advantage of this approach is stopping a scenario at a student's request and having the Air Traffic Controller explain the concept or reasoning for an instruction," says Ware."The benefits of the Talk2Tower program are undeniable. However, the most important value by far is the tremendous increase in safety for pilots and citizens when a pilot can effectively and efficiently communicate with Air Traffic Control," she concludes.
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