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Paraclete Aviation Life Support Announces International Expansions and North American Agreement in Wireless Communications

March 2022 — Paraclete Aviation Life Support further strengthens its global presence in the rotor- and fixed-wing helmet market, extending the company’s international footprint with the recent expansions into South Korea, Brazil and Australia, as well as its continued relationships in Europe, South America and Asia. Paraclete is emerging as a global provider of aviation helmets building strategic partnerships in 28 countries throughout the world in commercial and military markets throughout 49 of the U.S. states since its launch in 2014.

Paraclete has secured certifications for its entire product line of Type 1 and 2 helmet models: the Aegis [ee-jis] D Type 1, the Aspida-D [a-speed-a], and most recently, the Aspida Carbon-D, as set forth by the U.S. Department of Interior [DOI] /U.S. Forest Service [USFS] civilian helmet aviation standard. Paraclete is the only manufacturer to offer DOI-certified helmets in every size,

S-XXL. Paraclete is committed to the safety and protection through our continuous innovations through evidence-based research science and technology.

Paraclete’s increasing presence into new markets with new distributors and partners [end users], continues to broaden its services into diverse markets with respect to air ambulance/HEMS, law enforcement, and federal agencies, as well as expanding its distributor relationships throughout the world. The company also announces its entryway to the global aviation communications market with the recent North American agreement with the wireless communications solutions manufacturer, GlobalSys, based in France. GlobalSys is a wireless voice communication solution featuring audio clarity, noise reduction, sound quality, with the mobility and adaptability of reconfiguration options for civilian and military aviation.

“As a primary driver in most businesses today, innovation must be qualified to confirm its overall value and efficiency,” said Paraclete CEO and Founder Scott Hedges. “While we continue to enhance the value of our helmet product line, we look for those relationships that support our core tenets - comfort, innovation and safety. We found that value with GlobalSys and the expanding wireless communications technology delivering an asset that crews need to ensure efficient operations.”

GlobalSys CEO Dominique Retali, said, “We design our wireless solutions with adaptability and flexibility in mind. Our systems have the highest sound quality, which is of great importance for all operators. The advanced technology with our mobile unit Airlink 3085 provides the option to reconfigure to adapt to multiple aircraft and mission types in less than five minutes. The on-board network blocks out noise to ensure clear communications and without the wires obstructing movement in the aircraft, whether in the pilot’s seat or conducting a rescue mission 50 feet below the aircraft.”

“Mission work is all about teamwork, and effective communication is essential,” said Anthony Economos, Paraclete’s Vice President. “GlobalSys allows crews to replace the traditional hard-wired helicopter intercom with a wireless communications onboard network that provides a lifesaving service that links our helmets out to 300 meters simultaneously. Our entire mission is designing aviation helmets based on our three pillars without sacrificing safety and comfort. We also know that ‘comfort’ can be subjective, but we’ve also advanced our designs with innovative technology, which is experiential the first time a pilot dons one of our helmets.”

Paraclete is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer providing design, development, and manufacture of Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE], as well as education and training services. For more information about Paraclete products and training, contact www.paracleteaviationlifesupport.com | 931.274.7947 | [email protected] | 1792 Alpine Dr. Clarksville, TN 37040.

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