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NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption extended until 2024

The FAA has extended the NBAA's Small Aircraft Exemption No. 7897L through March 31, 2024, allowing NBAA members that operate small aircraft to take advantage of cost sharing operations typically offered to operators of larger, turbine-powered aircraft. No changes or limitations will be made to the exemption. The exemption "allows operators of piston airplanes, small airplanes, and all helicopters to utilize the limited options for cost-reimbursement permitted under Part 91, Subpart F of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)." These operators must also be NBAA members to receive the benefits. In essence, operators of small aircraft with a gross weight of 12,500 pounds or less and rotorcraft are provided advantages typically offered to larger aircraft, including the use of alternative maintenance programs and limited cost-reimbursement for certain flights in accordance with Part 91 Subpart F of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Subpart F is typically applied to aircraft with a gross weight of 12,500 pounds or more, powered by multiple turbojets, or part of a fractional ownership program. Additional operations under Part 91, Subpart F include time sharing, interchange, and joint ownership. "NBAA members who operate small aircraft that weigh 12,500 pounds or less, piston-powered airplanes or rotorcraft must submit a Notice of Joinder to FAA Exemption No. 789L," said Doug Carr, NBAA senior vice president of safety, security, sustainability and international affairs. Carr added, "And in no way does the NBAA Small Aircraft Exemption authorize any operation that must be conducted under Part 135."
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