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Leonardo Virtual Reality for Rear Crew Training: the MITHOS

Dallas, 09 March 2022 - The new era of mission and cabin crew operators training focused on the latest state of the art augmented reality is going live through the Leonardo Modular Interactive Trainer for Helicopter Operators: the MITHOS.

Starting from 1st of April 2022 the hoist operators will have access to the full immersive and interactive virtual environment of the MITHOS where student will be trained on all type of rescue scenarios and weather conditions, in both normal and abnormal situation, including emergency procedures.

Thanks to the MITHOS and the Virtual Reality, the rear crew and cabin operators will be trained on:

  •        Full immersive Hoist Operation training for Ab-initio, Advance and Recurrent Training for hoist Operators, Pilots, Rescue man and Medical Passengers
  •        On type cabin familiarization & orientation
  •        Safety procedures including malfunctions & emergency situations

The next step is represented by the interlink connection of the MITHOS with the Leonardo Helicopters full range of Full Flight Simulators: a unique multi-crew training experience through a fully representative mission environment.

Leonardo Helicopters welcome all the Customer to the Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy to have a fully immersive experience on the MITHOS and its capability stating from the 1st of April 2022.

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