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Leonardo and Suzuyo mark first certified helicopter Level D Full Flight Simulator in Japan

The strong mutual effort and close cooperation by Leonardo and Suzuyo & Co. Ltd. (Suzuyo) have recently achieved to obtain in Japan the certification for an AW139 Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS). The event marks a major milestone for the first Level D FFS helicopter simulator based in the country. Together with an AW139 Level 5 Flight Training Device (FTD) already certified in July 2021, the FFS manufactured by Leonardo in collaboration with CAE covers the entire range of advanced flight simulation training for the Leonardo AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter in Japan. The simulators are installed at Suzuyo facilities located nearby Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport and will be operated by its subsidiary Fuji Aviation Systems (FAS). Further enhancing safety and operation training effectiveness, Leonardo will continue supporting and collaborating to establish the Fuji Training Academy.   

The parties had achieved an early agreement in the shape of Letter of Intent on the simulation devices in June 2019 and announced the contract for the FFS simulator in January 2020. Leonardo is also providing Suzuyo with briefing and debriefing capabilities and additional training aids developed by Leonardo such as E-Learning to support ground training delivery and the ETD Lite-5 advanced procedural trainer, capable of being reconfigurable to support both AW139 and AW109 GrandNew helicopters.

This step confirms Leonardo’s commitment to a continued enhancement of safety standards as an uncompromising value and a core contributor to mission effectiveness and safety, for pilots, crew members and technicians, helping assess any mission risk.  

With nearly 70 AW139s in-service in Japan today performing a wide range of roles such as law enforcement, search and rescue over land and sea, fire-fighting and electronic newsgathering, the provision of pilot training services combining a FFS and other training tools and distance learning capabilities at FAS will further reinforce the level of service provided to existing and future operators of the most successful helicopter in its category.

With a world network of Helicopter Training Academies and Authorised Training Centres, over 10,000 students are trained every year. Leonardo is extending its global support reach and is committed to providing leading, comprehensive support and training services to deliver unprecedented benefits to customers in terms of safety, quality, effectiveness, cost, and sustainability as a cornerstone of Leonardo’s Be Tomorrow 2030 Strategic Plan.

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