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BLR’s New UH-60 FastFin Certification Program

DALLAS, TEXAS,  March 9, 2022 - BLR Aerospace is pleased to announce its UH-60 FastFin® certification program is underway and expects FAA certification in the 3rd quarter of 2022. The FastFin system for the UH-60 utilizes the same proprietary and patented technology that BLR has commercialized and certified on other civilian and military aircraft models.  To date, a significant portion of the engineering and flight testing has been completed.  Flight test data collected and analyzed shows an impressive improvement in useful load and low speed controllability commensurate with other BLR certified FastFin systems.  As with all BLR’s rotorcraft performance enhancing products, once completed and certified, BLR will offer the system along with an FAA certified flight manual supplement allowing expanded operations. 

BLR Aerospace President, Mike Carpenter, states “ BLR’s FastFin technology has proven to provide dramatic performance improvements on tailboom stability, useful load, and safety on thousands of aircraft worldwide. We are excited that through rigorous flight testing we are seeing the same success in the UH-60 FastFin program. We look forward to FAA approval and bringing this innovative technology to the market to benefit UH-60 operators.”

About BLR Aerospace:

BLR Aerospace, headquartered in Everett, Washington, provides performance-enhancing products now on more than 10,000 helicopters and airplanes worldwide and endorsed by industry-leading OEMs such as Airbus Helicopters, Textron Aviation, and Bell Helicopters.

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