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How the upgraded Cessna T182T compares to the fan-favorite Cirrus SR22

Textron Aviation recently announced the return of the Cessna Turbo Skylane T182T to its piston lineup. After ten years off the market, the Turbo Skylane is making its return with a few upgrades. These upgrades may be enough to take the spotlight away from the latest Cirrus SR22 model.The Cessna T182T gets a few upgradesThe Cessna Turbo Skylane is equipped with a Lycoming TIO-540-AK1A engine and is rated at 235 horsepower. The engine is paired with a Hartzell Engine turbocharger, allowing the aircraft to climb up to its service ceiling of 20,000 feet at a rate of 1,040 feet per minute.Compared to its previous models, the T182T's engine was created with more robust components due to the high amounts of power available at maximum cruise."Additionally, the T182T has an automatic wastegate, unlike its predecessor, T182, which had a manual wastegate," said Tony Woo Jr., a Florida Tech instrument-rated student with over 15 hours of PIC time in the aircraft. "The inclusion of the automatic wastegate almost completely removes the chance of over-boosting the engine."The propeller on the aircraft's cowling is a three-blade McCauley aluminum constant speed propeller. An extra benefit to this aircraft is that the propeller contains electric anti- and de-icing capabilities.John Wu, a CFII for Sanford Flying Club, notes that the Cessna Skylane "is more stable, climbs and cruises faster, and flies smoother than the 172" and is a great introduction to high-performance aircraft. The biggest control difference, he noted, is the addition of the constant speed propeller and cowl flap.The Skylane's top speed is 165 KTAS, and its range is estimated at 971 miles.The Turbo Skylane also has an impressive payload capability of max takeoff weight of 3,100punds and has a "versatile, designed mission set allowing it to get in and out of more airports," which Endeavor first officer Keaton Martin loves and has "absolutely taken advantage of."This aircraft is capable of carrying 87 gallons of useful fuel volume and a maximum payload of 836 pounds.RELATED: Cessna Turbo Skylane T182T returns to productionCapable of ferrying four total passengers, the aircraft is also equipped with a standard four-place oxygen system.Inside the cockpit, the flight deck has been elevated, equipped with the G100 NXi models and a GI 275 electronic standby instrument. Some of the features on the flight deck include standard ADS-B In and Out, wireless database and flight plan loading, integrated VFR sectional charters, vertical situation display, selectable visual approaches, and more.Overall, the "extra power available at altitudes up to 20,000 feet MSL gives important utility to an airplane that's already a stable IFR cross-country and mountain machine," said Tony Woo Jr. The aircraft is very popular with first-time owners and is similar to the 172 models.Woo Jr. says that he wants to one day own an aircraft and in his opinion, "the T182T is an aircraft I would consider due to its high performance, easy maintenance, and practicality."The new, fresh-off-the-line Cessna Skylanes start at a base price of $653,000, dependent on the features you add to it. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2023.How the Cirrus SR22 compares to the Cessna T182TSimilar to the Cessna T182, the Cirrus SR22 first hit the market in 2001. It is equipped with a Continental IO-550-N engine, producing 310 horsepower, a noticeable lead on the Turbo Skylane. It has a climbed rate of 1,270 feet per minute and a max operating altitude of 17,500, which gives the lead back to the Skylane.The SR22 has a maximum cruise speed of 182 KTAS and a maximum takeoff weight of 3,600 pounds. It also has a range of 1,169 nautical miles and is identified by most individuals in the aviation community as an example of luxury.An important factor that sets Cirrus apart from other aircraft is its Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This is implemented to provide a wide array of protective layers to protect the pilot and passengers.With all of these features, the aircraft starts at $779,000.Overall, the Cessna Turbo Skylane and the Cirrus SR22 both have unique properties that can accomplish different missions. When determining which aircraft to purchase, you must first establish what best fits your lifestyle.
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