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Cirrus unveils 2022 G6 SR Series aircraft

Cirrus has revealed its 2022 G6 SR Series, which features a new aircraft design with reduced drag to allow for greater fuel efficiency. "The model year 2022 G6 SR is refreshed to seamlessly sync with your life -- taking you further, keeping you connected and distinguishing your style in the air and on the ramp," said Ivy McIver, Director of the SR Series Product Line. This is the sixth generation of the SR Series, which has delivered over 8,000 aircraft since its launch.The 2022 G6 SR is faster and more fuel efficient The 2022 G6 SR is the fastest in the series, with sleeker wing and tail surfaces and redesigned wheel pants, which result in true airspeeds of up to 9 knots faster. The new model's ice panel transition seams are smoothed and wheel pant tolerances tightened to reduce drag. These changes give the aircraft reduced fuel consumption and faster flight segments.The new model has added pilot and passenger convenienceA remote unlock and keyless entry has made access to the luggage compartment much easier. The baggage door can be locked and unlocked with the key fob, then the door can be opened with the push of a button. Once the door opens past 90 degrees, it will stay open during loading, and now has a deeper pocket to accommodate two quarts of oil.Other upgrades to the aircraft include illuminated steps and a new, multi-functional USB panel featuring both USB-A and USB-C ports to keep electronics charged throughout the flight.For the first time, the G6 SR will feature Cirrus IQThe 2022 G6 SR will include Cirrus IQ, a first in the SR Series line. The Cirrus IQ status screen has been redesigned to include aircraft model designation as well as a new navigation bar featuring aircraft status, inspection intervals and warranty expiration.The Maintenance Minder will track inspections as they approach and send notifications when they are due. While flying, the flight hour meter automatically updates inspection cards by showing a progress bar and countdown to upcoming inspections.The My Trips module will automatically log each flight and produce key trip statistics and achievements earned while flying. This module will release in February.A reimagined exterior and interior for the G6 SRCirrus Aircraft released eight new color schemes for the aircraft's exterior, including all-new Baja, Neptune, Zanzibar, Meteorite, Canyon and Evolution.
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