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New Cirrus G6 SR receives mixed reviews online

Cirrus Aircraft announced its latest aircraft in the SR Series -- the G6. Any time a new aircraft is unveiled, aviation enthusiasts look forward to the innovative additions and upgrades that make the model the "best of its time." But many pilots felt let down by the announcement, believing that Cirrus marketed the aircraft as a new model when it only added a few upgrades. The G6 SR is 9 knots faster than its predecessor, features new paint colors, has exterior accent lighting, and includes USB-A and USB-C charging ports. RELATED: Cirrus unveils 2022 G6 SR Series aircraftThe manufacturer posted its promotional video on YouTube, where many aviation enthusiasts voiced their thoughts on the upgrades."Cirrus, let this be a lesson learned for the future," said one commenter. "We know you can innovate, we've seen that from you in the past. The SR series continues to be a desirable airplane. This though was a huge letdown, not because the things you introduced aren't welcome changes, but the way you painted this out to be."The commenter, who goes by Cam J on the platform, pointed out that the Cirrus promotion of the aircraft marketed the model as the best Cirrus the company has ever made, when it was just a few upgrades."This is literally something I expect from Apple but not Cirrus," Cam J wrote.A few commenters also wondered why the company had yet to integrate touchscreen displays into its SR Series aircraft. A new generation of pilots is coming through the pipeline, many of whom grew up with smartphones and tablets. Because of this, a touchscreen display is a feature that some pilots see as a necessity in order to spend money on purchasing a new aircraft. One YouTube comment suggested that Cirrus would be "left behind at this rate" if it did not keep up with the interests and demands of its customer base. Reactions to the new G6 SR aircraft were not overwhelmingly negative, however. The reviews were split pretty evenly down the line of those excited about the new aircraft model and those that were simply underwhelmed. "This newest G6 continues the Cirrus tradition of revolutionizing GA," said one user, Ken Ansin. "This aircraft is so awesome, it's beautiful and sleek, I love the new features that this aircraft has, it's incredible," commented another. As with any new aircraft release, there will always be those pilots who can't wait to get into its cockpit and those who believe the manufacturer could have tailored the aircraft to better fit their needs. What side do you stand on? Did Cirrus truly release the best Cirrus the company has ever made or did the launch flop, only adding slight improvements at a much larger price tag?
Created 1 years 21 days ago
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