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Teen publishes math reference booking using aviation concepts

RENO, NV - Katarina Costa might be only 17 years old, but she has just released her first book, Math QRH. She uses an aviation concept to help people do better with mathematics and STEM. The concepts in mathematics are more important than memorizing every detail, yet as students move into advanced math and STEM courses they must rely on their knowledge of what they learned in previous classes. "Taking great notes is essential to doing well in mathematics and STEM", says Katarina. "I have always benefited from excellent notes in my classes. My goal with Math QRH is to share these notes so that others can be successful as well!" Math QRH was developed from the "Quick Reference Handbook" QRH that is well known to pilots of jet aircraft. Katarina is quick to point out, "This is not a textbook. This is a resource, a tool for anyone in mathematics and science." Math QRH is cost-effective, since it covers five different mathematics courses, Algebra II, Precalculus, Calculus I, II and III, so students can reference previous material any time. In the cockpit of jet aircraft, pilots rely on a QRH to help them access information quickly in order to complete the flight safely. The QRH in the cockpit of jet aircraft does not replace the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) or the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) but compliments these resources. Katarina Costa's Math QRH does the same thing. It allows anyone in math or STEM to quickly locate key math concepts in note form, which is a complement to any other textbooks assigned by the professor. Students can focus on learning the course content with a solid set of class notes to start with, and plenty of additional space in the book to add their own notes. "Please share your notes and your comments with me", Kat asks. She is planning future editions to include the contributions from educators and students to add value. Katarina is a passionate young woman, "I love math and I want to help others do well in math too! Katarina is the founder and president of the first High School Chapter for the Association for Women in Mathematics. She attended the Davidson Academy in Reno, NV and is a current dual enrollment student (high school and college), and will graduate with a AS in Mathematics. She is the recipient of the 2021-2022 College Board Scholar for the National Hispanic Recognition Program, a member of the National Honor Society and Phi Theta Kappa.Katarina is offering a free evaluation e-version to any professional or educator. She is available for interviews and happy to talk to other young people about how mathematics does not need to be difficult. About Math QRH: www.mathqrh.com
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